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Kebtek 高枝切り電動剪定鋏 21V コードレス 切断径40mm 延長ポール付き 品番KT940-SET Kebtek 高枝切り電動剪定鋏 21V コードレス 切断径40mm 延長ポール付き 品番KT940-SET
Kebtek 高枝切り電動剪定鋏 18V コードレス 延長ポール付き 品番KT940-SET Kebtek 高枝切り電動剪定鋏 18V コードレス 延長ポール付き 品番KT940-SET
Kebtek 高枝切り電動剪定鋏 21V コードレス 切断径40mm 延長ポール付き 品番KT940-SET
Kebtek 高枝切り電動剪定鋏 18V コードレス 延長ポール付き 品番KT940-SET
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Kebtek High Branch Electric Pruning Shears 21V Cordless Cutting Diameter 40mm with Extension Pole Part Number KT940-SET

【2024 Upgrade, with Pole】Kebtek Electric Pruning Shears 21V Cutting Diameter 40mm Cordless with Extension Pole Brushless Motor Equipped Rechargeable Pruning Shears Trigger Linkage Function 2,000mAh High Capacity Battery x 2 Included Instruction Manual in Japanese PSE Safety Certification Obtained Cutting Count and Remaining Capacity Display (Product Number KT940-SET, Extendable Pole extends up to 2.4m)
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  • 【40mm cutting diameter, detonator linkage】: KT-940 can easily cut branches up to 40mm in diameter. It has the largest cutting diameter in the industry. The opening and closing of the blade can be controlled by the strength of pulling the trigger, allowing for safer and more delicate pruning work. The cutting frequency and battery remaining are displayed on the LCD screen, making it easy to see at a glance.
  • 【2.4m extendable pole included】: For low trees, you can use only the electric shears. To easily cut down high branches as well, you can extend the pole and cut them down effortlessly. It allows you to achieve the desired usage. When the length of the electric shears is included, it can extend up to a maximum of 2.4m. Being extendable, it is convenient to carry and easy to handle.
  • 【Made in Japan Blade & Clean Cut】: The blade of the scissors is made from SK5 high carbon Teflon steel, which is made in Japan. It is also coated with a non-stick coating. It can cut smoothly, and the cut surface of the branches is flat, making it difficult for pathogens to enter and keeping the plants healthy. By long pressing the trigger, it can be switched between 40mm mode and 25mm mode, suitable for cutting branches of various thicknesses.
  • 【2 batteries included】: The Kebtek electric pruning shears come with two high-capacity 2000mAh lithium-ion batteries, allowing you to work for a whole day without interruption. The included charger can charge both batteries simultaneously, which is very convenient. Being cordless, it is perfect for outdoor work without any hassle.
  • 【Lightweight & Easy Cutting】: The Kebtek cordless pruning shears are essential tools for pruning citrus, oak, cedar, and pine trees. They provide minimal strain on the arm and prevent hand fatigue, making pruning tasks such as trimming and cutting back easier. The main body of the shears weighs 0.9KG, the battery weighs 0.3KG, and the pole weighs 1KG, making it the lightest in the 40mm class. Even those with weaker strength can operate it flexibly under various conditions.

    Sharpness is good

    It can cut branches up to 40mm in size. It has a sharp edge and cuts easily.

    The strength of the trigger pull controls whether the blade opens or closes.

    剪定 電動

    2 batteries included

    Two large-capacity lithium batteries are included. In addition, the included charger can charge two batteries at the same time. It is very convenient.

    Please charge with the included charger and battery. There is a risk of battery damage if you use a charger with a different voltage.

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