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Kebtek 充電式剪定鋏35mm 21V 品番KT E35 Kebtek 充電式剪定鋏35mm 21V 品番KT E35
Kebtek 充電式剪定鋏35mm 21V 品番KT E35 Kebtek 充電式剪定鋏35mm 21V 品番KT E35
Kebtek 充電式剪定鋏35mm 21V 品番KT E35
Kebtek 充電式剪定鋏35mm 21V 品番KT E35
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KT E35

Kebtek Rechargeable Pruning Shears 35mm 21V Model Number KT E35

【2024年アップグレード、引金連動機能】Kebtek rechargeable pruning shears Cutting diameter 35mm Cordless 21V Electric pruning shears Made in Japan Fluorine blade Sharpness Electric scissors Landscaping 2000mAh large capacity battery 2 included PSE safety certification obtained Japanese instruction manual included Cutting count and remaining amount display (Item number KT E35, high branch cutting pole sold separately)
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[35mm cutting diameter, trigger linkage]: The electric pruning shears KT E35 can easily cut branches up to 35mm in diameter. The opening and closing of the blade can be controlled by the strength of the trigger pull, allowing for safer and more delicate pruning work. The display screen shows the number of cuts and the remaining battery level, making it easy to see at a glance. If the total number of cuts with the KT E35 reaches 10,000, providing a photo of the LCD screen to Kebtek will entitle you to a free replacement blade.

【Kebtek Compatible 3 Brothers, Lightweight】: The electric pruning shears KT940, KT E35, and KT 933 are compatible with the pole, battery, and charger. This reduces storage space and burden for customers. The KT E35 weighs only 1.05KG when the battery is installed, making it the lightest in the industry for larger cutting diameters. All of Kebtek's rechargeable pruning shears use brushless motors. When under load, instead of feeling resistance, there is a feeling of pushing even further. This model achieves both power and lightweight design.

【Japanese Fluorine Blade, Extension Pole Sold Separately】: The blades of the shears are made of Japanese SK5 high carbon Teflon steel and coated with a non-stick coating. This allows for clean cuts, prevents the entry of pathogens, and helps maintain the health of plants. When connected to the optional high branch cutting pole, it becomes easy to prune high branches. If you want to purchase the pole, please enter B0CN98G5QN in the search field on Amazon.

【Safety Device, Increased Trigger Space】: To prevent accidents caused by misoperation, a safety device is adopted. To open the blade of the electric shears, the power switch must be turned on and the trigger must be quickly pulled twice. The trigger space of these pruning shears is designed to be twice as wide as other models, making it easy to pull the trigger even with large hands or thick gloves. Furthermore, the design of the shears allows for comfortable support of the hand, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.

【2 Batteries Included, Simultaneous Charging】: The Kebtek electric pruning shears come with two lithium-ion batteries with a large capacity of 2000mAh, allowing for a full day of work. The included charger can charge two batteries simultaneously, making it very convenient. Being cordless, it is perfect for outdoor work. It becomes an indispensable tool for pruning trees, landscaping, felling, and trimming branches. It reduces the load on the arms and shoulders, making pruning work easier.


Kebtek's electric pruning shears have been sold for over 10 years in Europe, America, and Asia, and for over 4 years in Japan.

The appeal of this product is that gardening work becomes very easy. Of course, daily work efficiency is also significantly improved.

It is widely used by people engaged in landscaping and fruit orchards, as well as those who simply enjoy gardening.

Kebtek strictly adheres to international quality standards and has obtained TUV, CE, and PSE safety certifications. We strive to provide our customers with better products every day.

If you want to purchase an extension pole for high branch cutting, please enter B0CN98G5QN in the search field on Amazon.


Kebtek's rechargeable pruning shears always strive to develop cutting-edge technology and provide better products to our customers.

Thanks to the trigger linkage function, you can control the blade opening by the strength of pulling the trigger.

This enables safer and more delicate operations.


To reduce the storage space and burden for customers, we have developed compatible new models.

The electric pruning shears KT940, KT E35, and KT 933 are compatible with poles, batteries, and chargers.

We will continue to develop products that meet customer needs by collecting customer feedback and requests.


LCD display

The number of cuts and battery remaining can be easily seen on the LCD display.

When an error occurs, an error code will be displayed.

剪定 電動

Includes 2 batteries

Two high-capacity lithium batteries are included. Additionally, the included charger can charge both batteries simultaneously, which is very convenient.

Please charge with the included charger and batteries. Using a charger with a different voltage may cause the battery to be damaged.


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