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How to maintain the blades of electric pruning shears (lubrication, cleaning)

Jan 25,2024 | KEBTEK-JP

When electric scissors blades are opening, closing, or cutting, friction occurs between the upper and lower blades.

Lubricants form an oil film on the friction surface to lubricate it, lowering the coefficient of friction, reducing blade wear, and extending the blade life.

It is necessary to replenish the lubricant periodically.

Question 1: When should I lubricate?

Just lubricate it with oil before each daily use.

There is no need to oil it separately during use.

After use, lubricate with oil and then store.

Question 2: Which lubricant should I use?

Lubricants include gearbox oil, engine oil, air tool oil, etc.

Since the products are imported from overseas, they may not contain lubricating oil due to customs duties.

Question 3: Where should the lubricant be applied?

Apply oil around the blade fastening nut. 2-3 drops will suffice.

Question 4: Please tell me how to apply lubricating oil.

1. Open the blades of the electric pruning shears.

2. Turn off the power for safety.

3. Inject lubricating oil near the blade tightening nut.

4. After injecting the lubricating oil, move the blade several times to allow the oil to penetrate the machine.

Please refer to the oiling video below.


Question 4: Is it also necessary to check the blade cleanliness and tightening status?

1. Before each use, check the tightening status of the blade tightening nuts, etc.

If any loosening occurs, tighten them firmly using the included tool.

2. After each use, clean the blade with a clean cloth.

Do not clean with water, as water entering the electric scissors may damage the circuit board.