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How to replace the blades of the YDN-B007 electric pruning shears

Jan 17,2024 | KEBTEK-JP

Proper maintenance of electric shears blades not only ensures safety and improves cutting performance,

This is also very important to extend the service life of your electric shears and avoid contamination of the environment and branches.

It is recommended to regularly check the sharpness and wear condition of the blade during use, and perform maintenance or replacement as necessary.

Question 1: When should I replace the blade?

If the blade of the pruning shears is worn or chipped, it will reduce the sharpness and accuracy of the blade, which will have a significant impact on the cutting effect. It may also cause damage to the branches being pruned.

At this time, replace the blade.

We recommend replacing the blade after 100 hours (approximately 100,000 uses).

Q2: How do I replace the blade?

You can easily replace the upper and lower blades by simply removing the cover.

When replacing the YDN-B007 blade, please refer to the video below to replace the blade.


Question 3: Are replacement blades specified?

Since the blade opening for each model is different, please only use replacement blades that are compatible with that model.

Even if the opening is the same, they are not interchangeable because the structure of the blade attachment part differs depending on the model.