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How to replace the blade of the L5001 handy chainsaw

Jan 18,2024 | KEBTEK-JP

To ensure the safety and efficiency of the chainsaw, it is necessary to regularly sharpen or replace the chain. After long-term use, the cutting of wood may become harder and the chain may wear out. When the wear reaches a certain level, it will affect the work efficiency and safety.

Question 1: What size is the chain file?

3.2mm (1/4 inch).

Question 2: When should I replace my chain?

Generally, we recommend replacing your chain when it has worn down to 0.63 mm.

Q3: How do I replace the chain?

Please refer to the video below to replace the blade.


How to remove the guide bar and chain

1. Turn off the chainsaw and remove the battery.
2. Open the rotating knob ① and turn it counterclockwise until the chain cap ② comes off.
3. Remove the chain cap ②.
4. Press the guide bar against the main body in the direction of arrow ③ until it is close. Then, lift the guide bar and remove the guide bar and chain.

How to assemble the guide bar and chain
1. Make sure the tension adjustment pin ⑥ is located to the right of the lock button ⑤.
2. If you are on the left side, align the mounting holes of the guide bar with the adjustment pin ⑥, and push the pin ⑥ all the way to the right. When you are on the right side, lift up the guide bar.
3. Insert the chain into the groove of the guide bar. Check the direction of the chain blade.
[Note] The guide bar can be on either the front or back.
4. Place the chain on the sprocket and align the mounting hole of the guide bar with the tension adjustment pin.
5. Push down the guide bar, and when you hear a "click" sound, it means that the tension adjustment pin automatically guides the guide bar to the correct position and the chain tension is also properly adjusted.
6. Put on the chain cap and turn it clockwise to close it.

Question 4: Will replacement chains be specified?

Since it has an automatic tensioning structure, replacement chains are specified.

Since the structure of each model is different, please replace the chain with a dedicated chain.