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How to replace the blade of a DLA-0017 electric chainsaw

Jan 18,2024 | KEBTEK-JP

To ensure the safety and efficiency of the chainsaw, it is necessary to regularly sharpen or replace the chain. After prolonged use, the cutting of wood may become harder and the chain may wear out. When the wear reaches a certain level, it will affect the work efficiency and safety.

Question 1: What is the size of the chain file?

The size is 3.2mm (1/4 inch).

Question 2: When should the chain be replaced?

It is recommended to replace the chain when it is worn to 0.63mm.

Question 3: Please explain how to replace the chain.

Please refer to the following video for the replacement of the blade.


1. Turn the lock knob counterclockwise until the sprocket cover comes off.
2. Loosen the chain by lightly pressing the tension sheet to the right with the guide plate.
3. Remove the chain and guide plate.
4. Place the new chain and guide plate on the main body.
5. Lightly press the tension sheet to the right with the guide plate, so that the chain hooks onto the main body.
※ The tension will be automatically adjusted.
6. Attach the sprocket cover and tighten the lock knob.

Question 4: Is a specified replacement chain required?

Since it has an automatic tension structure, a specified replacement chain is required.

Due to the different structures of each model, please replace it with a dedicated chain.